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Crime Scene Reconstruction

The buffet offers, a service of virtual reconstruction of criminal cases or virtual reconstruction of crime scenes.


The virtual reconstruction of the crime scene, pretends to help the lawyer to present his thesis about the factual circumstances that gave rise to the alleged criminal act. Also, facilitates the judge or the jury, according to the case, to a better understanding of what has been reflected in the file and that the experts tried to express with technical language, which is sometimes difficult to understand. 

To that end, we offer three services of virtual reconstruction of the crime scene:

Escena del crimen.jpg

Decontamination of the crime scene:The first and most basic is the decontamination of the crime scene.

Presentation of the evidence: Second, we offer a video presentation of the evidence in the file.

Virtual reconstruction of the criminal case: Finally, we can make a complete reconstruction of the criminal act, which incorporates also the other two services.

In any of these cases we can add an audio support to give strength and clarity to the work.
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