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The virtual reconstruction of the criminal case is a video representation of the factual sequence of the case. It means, how the facts has gone on, including the id of the characters and the development of the facts, just how it emerged from the experts opinions and the other proof elements incorporated to the file.

It allows to "translate" to a comprehensible and didactic language, what the experts explained with technical language, sometimes difficult to understand to the judge, especially if it's jury without technical training. In other words, the judge/jury will have access to a more "immediate" vision of the facts, supported by evidence and reviewed by the experts that has worked during the trial, what gives the necessary scientific rigor to achieve the truth of what has actually happened.

This can certainly result in the benefit or detriment of the accused, depending on what the evidence produced allows.

Even when this video has an audio support, this work is not ordinary made with audio, which must be asked as another element of my work.  The audio support, which can be added to any mode of reconstruction (decontamination, evidence presentation and reconstruction of the scene) helps to a better comprehension of the video, making easier the attorneys job. 

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